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About Us


     Welcome to Peach House Boutique! Hi, I'm Stacey Carpenter, owner and creator of this fabulous boutique. I've always had a passion for fashion and thought of it as a way to express oneself freely through your clothing and accessories. The joy of it, that everyone can be different. Styles change and morph frequently. Wear what makes you, YOU! 

     The story behind Peach House is actually quite simple. Growing up in Florida, I was always outside playing with my sister, cousins, and neighborhood friends. They all knew me as the girl who lived in the big "peach house" in the neighborhood. That's the home where I learned to always do better and love what you do. I knew starting up a business would be time consuming and risky, but, there's no reward without a little risk. 

     Shop the site and find what speaks to you to become part of your everyday expression.

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